Diving at Edgewater Dive & Spa Resort

Why Edgewater Dive and Spa Resort?

Edgewater Dive and Spa Resort offers you the ideal, tranquil and secluded escape you have been imagining.  Edgewater provides a world-class experience within minutes of beautiful pocket beaches and vibrant snorkelling and scuba diving spots.

Located in one of Asia’s premier dive destinations, the Edgewater Dive & Spa Resort is a secluded haven for divers, vacationers and remote works/students seeking relaxation, tranquillity and recreation. Set in a 1.5 acre mangrove bay, we offer an enriching experience of diving amongst the dazzling marine life, relaxing with a spa treatment and magnificent views of glorious sunsets stretching across the bay. It’s the simplest pleasures that can be the most rewarding.

We as a team are passionate about diving and take pride in our International standard dive operations both in terms of quality and safety; we are flexible and truly international in terms of experience. We are located close to Sabang and between all the dive sites, set in tranquil and beautiful Puerto Galera bay. As a guest-centric operation, we offer you the highest standards of personalized service along with uncompromising safety – and, of course, World-Class diving! We are located at the centre of marine diversity, technically the most diverse waters on the ocean planet.

We are a PADI Resort and offer fun diving and dive education all the way to the Instructor level; Freediving training and Technical diving are also available.

Courses are available in English, Russian, French, Japanese and Tagalog.


We Care

We care about our staff, about the ocean and most importantly about you, our aim is that you enjoy and learn in the best environment possible

Trained Professionals

All our dive masters are fully trained, PADI certified and have years of experience, so you are in good hands. We never have too large groups to ensure your safety

Family Atmosphere

You will come here to enjoy the diving, to learn, experience the beautiful ocean here, but you will leave with lifelong friends

Best rates

We offer the best value out there, ensuring the quality of our packages, the staff and equipment. If you are looking for a deal, get in touch now


We offer a safe, friendly environment to experience the wonders that the Philippines has to offer, whether you are a beginner or an expert, we can build a diving package that will suit you.

PADI Authorised

We are proud to be an authorised and approved Dive Resort with PADI.  We ensure all the safety measures have been put into place, our staff are “veterans” when it comes to diving and that our equipment is in pristine working order

Dive Gallery

Dive Spots in Puerto Galera

Why Dive in Puerto Galera?

Puerto Galera (Port of Galleons) is situated on the Verde Passage, 150 km (95 miles) from Manila. The peninsula is recognized by UNESCO as Man and Biosphere Reserve and received the award as “The Most Beautiful Bay in the World” in 2005, making it the 32nd bay in the world to bag the prize and only the third in the Southeast Asian region. Recognized by UNESCO as one of the most bio-diverse bodies of water on the planet! It has attracted scientists studying the Eco structure of microorganisms, animals and plants. The Marine Biological Station of the University of The Philippines was commissioned in 1934, and since 1974, UNESCO Man and Biosphere program declared the area the research Centre and the reefs a Marine Reserve. Statistics for the variety of tropical fish here are more than the Red Sea, and the types of hard and soft corals outnumber the Great Barrier Reef!

The average water temperature is circa 28°C throughout the year, with excellent visibility. Surrounded by beautiful reefs thriving with marine life, fantastic dive sites famous for diversity are just stone’s throw from Edgewater Dive and Spa Resort, most of them within a few minutes boat ride. There are wrecks, caves, muck dives, shallow coral fields, and drift dives for the more experienced divers. Most of the popular dive sites are apt for beginners and divers with moderate experience; there are also many high voltage drift dives for the experienced, including deep ones for Technical diving, more than 40 dive sites within just ten minutes boat ride of Edgewater.

Diving our mile-long reef where you will experience more biodiversity than the Caribbean and Great Barrier Reef combined makes Puerto Galera one of the most popular Scuba Diving destinations in the Philippines and is on the bucket list of Scuba communities worldwide.

Diving in the Philippines

Why Dive in the Philippines?

Located in Indo-Pacific’s Coral Triangle (triangle formed by the Philippine, Peninsular  Malaysia and Papua New Guinea) and boasting more than seven thousand islands, the Philippines offers some of the world’s best scuba diving. Scientists believe most marine organisms evolved in this triangle before they spread out to colonize other oceans. Awarded multiple times as the best Scuba diving destination by numerous agencies worldwide, it boasts of countless pristine coral reefs, lush coral gardens, huge schools of reef fishes, rare critters, manta rays, Dugongs, Whale and Thresher sharks and lots more.

Recent accolades

Marine Diving Magazine selected the Philippines’ waters to receive the first prize at the Marine Diving Fair, Japan’s largest scuba diving event held from August 21 to 23, 2020, lauded as the best overseas diving destination for its teeming marine biodiversity and scenic landscapes.

The Philippines once again was awarded  Asia’s Leading Dive Destination at the World Tourism Awards event for Asia and Oceania; moreover, the Philippines Department of Tourism was recognized as Asia’s Leading Tourism Board for its efforts.

‘Dubbed by marine experts and scientists as the heart of marine biodiversity in the world, it houses dense concentrations of coral reef life and an astounding variety of marine species.

Connectivity- Manila International Airport is directly connected with major cities worldwide, including Europe and the USA.

Quick Facts

With an English-speaking population and the world’s friendliest people, the archipelago of 7000 plus islands in the coral triangle offers; world-class diving, a plethora of diverse dive sites, the more famous and popular ones are spread out mostly around the Luzon region (northern portion, home of nation’s capital city Manila also).

Manila’s proximity to Puerto Galera makes it a perfect place for diving vacations and certifications of all level. Puerto Galera, a beautiful natural port with a backdrop of lush green hills, easy beach entries and abundant macro life, thousands of divers use the area to get certified every year.

Further south of Puerto Galera, off the west coast of Mindoro, you will find Apo Reef, the second largest contiguous reef in the world. These world-class dive sites offer rich marine life, such as schools of jacks, sardine balls, rays, and the occasional sharks. There is a turtle sanctuary and ranger station located on Apo Island.

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