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Getting Here

Getting Here

Flying to the resort

A great experience and extremely convenient. From the moment you land in Manila and pass through immigration, Edgewater staff are on hand to greet you, and assist with ground transportation including our pre-arranged driver service to Manila Bay seaplane terminal. Here you will take a private 30 minute sea plane flight to Puerta Galera. Upon landing we will pick you up in our resort boat, only minutes away from our resort. Prices start from PHP 5,500 per person one way. Please let us know, and we can take care of your booking.

Please keep some small local money to pay for:

  • An environmental fee of PHP 50 (collected by local authorities upon arrival)


Private Van and Boat

Pick-up can be made from any of the following points:  

Manila Airport / Makati Area / Alabang Area / Paranaque Area. The cost is PHP 4,000 one-way. Our van can seat up to 6 people comfortably with luggage. Travel time is 2.5 - 3 hours with moderate traffic. Our driver will assist you with boarding our private boat.  

Our private boat departs from Simlong port, near Batangas city. The cost is PHP 4,000 one-way and can seat up to 20 people comfortably. It takes 1 to 1 ½ hour to reach our resort by boat.

Settlement for private transfers can be made at Edgewater Resort, but should be made in cash. PHP 8,000 one-way all inclusive. Contact us for your booking.

Please keep some small local money to pay for:

  • A terminal fee of PHP 30/person (collected by local authorities when reaching port)
  • An environmental fee of PHP 50 (collected by local authorities upon arrival)  


Public or Own Transportation

We do not recommend taking public transportation from Manila to Puerto Galera unless you are an experienced local traveller in the Philippines.

Having said that - if you’re in for a local experience, then there are several public bus services running from MANILA to BATANGAS PORT. Use Google for latest routes and bus terminals or send us a message. Cost for the bus are around PHP 300 per person one-way.

Public Boat departure schedule from BATANGAS PORT to MUELLE PUERTO GALERA PORT at the following times:  7:00am, 8:30m, 10.00am, 12:15pm, 1.00pm, 4.00pm 4:30pm & 7.00pm. Cost are around PHP 350 per person one-way including terminal and environmental fees.                             

Please note that the public boat schedule may change without prior notice and boats do not always depart in time. We offer drop-off and pick up service from Puerto Galera pier (Muelle port) to Edgewater Resort in our resort boat for PHP 200 per trip. Contact us for any questions.