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Dive Adventure

Dive Adventure


Located about a 60-minute boat ride from Edgewater Dive & Spa Resort, the 'Drop-Off' is a world-class wall dive. A magnificent reef with several pinnacles awaits you, some of which break the surface and descend down to 70m.

Expect large soft corals, immense Gorgonian sea fans and plenty of nudibranchs. Large moray eels, schools of fusiliers and trevally, as well as banded sea snakes are all regular inhabitants of this site.

*This is an advanced dive site so 'Advanced Open Dive Diver’ level is the minimum requirement, as well as recent diving experience.

Dive Trip Schedule

Dive Trip Schedule This dive trip leaves at 8:30AM and arrives at Verde Island around 9:30AM. Our first dive will start upon arrival at the drop off. After the first dive, we’ll do a surface interval before doing our second dive.

Picnic at the island

Picnic on the islandMeals are optional and can be specifically prepared if you wish to have a picnic on the island after your dives.

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