Edgewater Dive and Spa Resort offers a tranquil and secluded experience within minutes of beautiful pocket beaches and vibrant snorkeling and scuba diving spots. Experience our tropical piece of paradise; luxurious accommodation, sensational diving,  relaxing spa treatments, and friendly attentive service.

Located in one Asia’s premier dive destinations, the Edgewater Dive & Spa Resort is a luxurious, secluded haven for divers and vacationers seeking relaxation, tranquility and recreation. Set in a 1.5 acre mangrove bay, we offer an enriching experience of diving amongst the dazzling marine life, relaxing with a spa treatment and magnificent views of a glorious sunset, stretching across the bay. It’s the simplest pleasures that can be the most rewarding.

The Edgewater Story.

The story begins when two of our founding partners, Richard (a Canadian) and Mark (a New Zealander) spent some time working together for an international bank in Asia. On a trip to the Philippines, they visited beautiful Puerto Galera and discovered a warm and friendly community offering laid back hospitality and the opportunity to experience world class diving in unspoilt waters.

They quickly realised they had found the perfect location for corporate executive programs. They went on to develop unique leadership experiences for their clients, programs that saw participants building resources and infrastructure with the indigenous community in Talipanan.

Keeping in touch by Skype from opposite sides of the world, Richard and Mark couldn’t shake their desire to return to Mindoro with their families and they began exploring ways to develop a business that could offer a unique diving experience, family friendly accommodation and contribute to the sustainable development of the area.

Edgewater, in its idyllic location amongst lush landscaped gardens on the waters edge of Dalaruan Bay, represents the fulfilment of this dream.

The Edgewater team are committed to the sustainable growth of the local community and its people. In addition to employing local talent to support our operations, we fund an educational scholarship for local children in order to build and grow resources for the next generation. We continue to be passionate about creating opportunities for now and the future of the local community.

Whether you are exploring the world class diving opportunities on offer, relaxing poolside, being pampered in our spa or enjoying the delicious and enviable hospitality of Mangroves, our restaurant, you can be sure that you will be offered a holiday to remember.