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Thanks for a great dive. Paul was an excellent instructor and took great care of my fiancé during her DSD. It was just the 3 of us for the dive.

Reviewed April 7, 2017

Corvy Fayetteville, North Carolina

There are 4 divemasters at South Sea, two of whom are also instructors. Safety comes first with all of them but that is closely followed by service and satisfaction. We booked our accommodation through Cherry, the dive shop administrator/manager/ambassador and everything was perfect. More importantly we felt like family. We discussed everything you could think of with Sky, the owner and Paul, the co-manager. Sitting having a cup of tea or milo after a dive and talking with the staff or whoever happened to drop into the shop was a hi-light of our day.

Reviewed March 11, 2017

Dave L Vancouver, Canada

I hadn't dive for many years but Paul was very helpful and made me feel comfortable with the diving again and helped me to refrech my diving knowledge. I did 2 dives with Paul and the 3:rd I joined the group. The dive master had an extra eye on me when diving with the group since he knew I was a beginner, which I appreciated. I felt very comfortable and safe diving with them, and they really knew the diving places by heart. If I ever come back, I will dive with them again. The equipment was good and diving places amazing :)"

Reviewed July 26, 2016

Lynn Eskilstuna, Sweden